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Headshots: Brittany S.

Brittany Headshot Main


I can never take for granted the importance of a good headshot. The proper headshot not only can get you noticed, but it can actually get you paid. Literally, you can get booked on a gig just for your appearance on your headshot. I love taking headshots. There are so many aspects to consider from hair, makeup, lighting (hair lighting, use of a beauty dish, key and fill lights), shadows, dramatics, etc. Factor in the type of lens to use and facial expressions and BOOM, a huge amount of factors to consider. You thought calculus was difficult?

Today’s post features Brittany (aka Kitten Noir), a local model whom I’ve shot on a couple of occasions. Brittany was a pleasure to work with as she was so soft spoken and easy to work with. Please enjoy some of favorites from our studio time.



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