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Shuckey Duckey Quack Quack

Shuckey DuckeySo I was asked to cover this pseudo-event as an internet radio station last February (2014). The guests were politicians running for local offices around the Dallas area. Okay, so know no one. Let me repeat, I do not know anyone! LOL. Upon entering the building, I became all ears, trying to listen for names that I may recognize. NADA! I do not even know the names. I am so politically inactive. Shame on me, right? So as I am listening, I catch a name being mentioned. Someone said Shuckey Duckey.  Light bulb goes off. I know that name. The comedian from the 80’s and 90’s. I soon learn that he’s from Dallas. Oh yea? Not sure how his name got mentioned or why, but okay.

Few minutes and pictures pass. I am mingling with these politicians introducing myself to one of them. While chatting I peep the door and in walks this dude who looks like Shuckey. “Hmm” I say to myself. “That looks like Shuckey Duckey” I tell this one young politician (forgot his name). He replies “I don’t know who he is. Who is Shuckey Duckey?” right away I knew I was talking to a kid! He looked old enough, but nah, not if he doesn’t know who Shuckey Duckey is.

I wander back to a friend and ask him, “say, doesn’t that look like Shuckey?” He confirms that it is him and the shocked look on my face was priceless. “What’s he doing here?” He’s from Dallas, explains my friend. “Oh, I didn’t know.” I am not from Dallas, so I would not really know who is from here! I begin to snap a few pics, managed to introduce myself and make small talk, while texting my older sister to log onto this station online and listen as I was “in the studio with Shuckey Duckey”. She got a kick out of it.

And the rest is, as they say, “HISTORY”!


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