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Tall, Leggy, Lady, Xtine

XtineWhat is a photographer in for when working with Tall, Leggy, Xtine (Christine)? Well her page starts off like this….

I am a skinny, bendy, professional model residing in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas.

I am 6’…


I am mostly LEG.

I am not the status quo.

I am a media professional.

I respect the time of others…

I am NOT lazy; I am NEVER late.

I am no stranger to presentation.


…and this woman worked it!

I was honored to work with Xtine this past weekend at a new studio (for me). We shot several rounds of different looks  and I swear, I’ve never seen so many wigs! LOL. Xtine was great to work with and I look forward to working with her again – heels and all!


Headshots with Audrey

AudreyI always like shooting headshots. Good, clean, simple, headshots. Everyone needs them from social media use, to business cards, business sites, bios…you get the “picture”!

I had the pleasure of shooting Audrey int he studio last week. Is it me, or does she kinda look like Audrey Hepburn? Look again!








Starting Over with a New Site

Knock OutBrand New Site

I decided to give my old site a new makeover. I gave it the old “heave ho” and decided to start over with a new site which is completely WordPress. It’s a work in progress but with time and effort it will be as robust as my other sites: Just Say Cheese Photos and My Blog.

So, what will this site consist of?

I am glad you asked, because I am still sorting that out. So far I have come up with only one answer – EVERYTHING! Everything that I shoot, that is. My goal is to shoot regularly (often) and post and blog. I want to remain busy during the second half of 2015.

What do I plan to shoot?

Who knows? Fashion, Fitness, Glamor, Pinup, etc. Friends & family? City scape? The homeless? I don’t know. I do have an interest in more editorial though. We will see how that goes.


I do try to attend local meetups to shoot, network, and develop a portfolio. I would love to do more but those darn things cost! I have no shame in telling you that some of these meetup organizers are proud of their product, too! I would like to collaborate more, though. The only issue with that is there is more of an opportunity to be taken advantage of. I said it! But more on that later.

Lets Shoot!

If you have a project or interest that you think I’d be a good fit for, please reach out to me. While I do reserve the right to refuse, I try to find some interest in most things. And oh yea, I do like to make a buck here and there, too! This hobby does cost, you know.